Vending Application Form

Please fill in the form and print (2) two copies. Return one signed copy to us as soon as possible to T.T.A.B. c/o Joy Charles, 1723 Wadsworth Way, Baltimore, MD 21239

Money Order payable to: T.T.A.B.

Check out the Rates and Fees

Number of Booths needed:
Have you ever had a booth at our festival before?
Sale of Food and Drinks: 1 day
Food Permit
Sale of Clothing, Souvenirs etc:
1 day
Exhibits Only (NO SALES):
1 day

Please Print and Sign Here 

Vending Contract

The entire rental fee is required with your application. All Food Vendors are required by law to have a FOOD PERMIT from the Baltimore City Health Department. This applies to all vendors who are selling: cooked foods, sodas, prepared drinks, fruits, coconuts, sugarcane, candies, cakes, etc. Permit cost is $50.00. Vendors are responsible for their own permit after Wednesday, August 5, 2009.

REMEMBER: VENDORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES from their spaces or anywhere in the vicinity of the Festival area. This includes beer, wines, and wine coolers ect. Anyone found in violation of this condition will be evicted from the Festival grounds without any refund of rental fee.

If you have additional questions please contact: Joy Charles at 410-254-3359.


Joy K. Charles, Chairperson
Festival Vending